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Reverie: A collaborated collection of jewellery & apparelLaunching in May

our vision

we want to go fully circular.

Launching a new business off the ground isn't easy, making price considerations are huge incumbent part in decision making. Although every part of the process has been thought through > from sourcing, designing to packaging, cora believes it can do better. Here's some goals we'd like to set up for our future selves!

100% recycled gold / silver.

cora has done a great job at revisiting existing products > recycling and reworking them intro repurposed designer jewelry. We'd like to extend that to our daily wear jewelry by revisiting existing materials and transforming them anew again.

compostable packaging.

Overtime, we'd like to make our packaging biodegradable & fully compostable and plant-feed friendly so that we can fully commit to a closed loop circular economy.

more gold vermeil.

We'd like to produce products that will serve you longer. By purchasing higher quality items like gold vermeil (instead of cheaper items), you are committing to a slow living practice and ditching the consumerist lifestyle of 'more is more'.

We hope that, through demand, we can make the shift towards gold vermeil > gold plated.


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