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Reverie: A collaborated collection of jewellery & apparelLaunching in May

Buying Repurposed Designer carries a cyclical aspect - which that allows multiple individuals to love and appreciate the same thing over and over again.

Who wouldn't want to be loved more than once?!

Why vintage?

Shopping vintage adopts recycling practices.

cora takes it a step further by "redesigning and reworking existing products, such as adding value through upcycling," thus contributing to the circular economy.

We recirculate luxury items by reinventing existing products to serve a completely different purpose. Although we do not claim to be a wholly sustainable business, we believe in injecting innovative practices to help reduce our contribution to waste.

We build forests.

Aligned with our focus on sustainability, cora works directly with handprint to plant a tree for every purchase. Beyond carbon neutrality, we are rebuilding our ecosystem in a long-lasting way.

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Traditional jewelry packaging is wasteful.

That flimsy plastic sheet covering the printed jewelry card where your jewelry sits on looks good, but is always thrown out.

Level it up and you've got the aesthetically beautiful jewelry boxes / pouches that piles up in the corner of a shelf or a crowded drawer. Let's face it, it's nice to have but not very functional because you can't see what's actually inside.

We want to break away from this standard and innovate our packaging!

Instead of a jewelry box, every order comes in a paper envelope with a 'window' that allows you to peep inside. The paper envelope packs neatly and can be flattened to slip inside your bag - great for travel!

Inside the envelope are stackable transparent resealable pouches great for storing your jewelry safely (scratch-free) without fiddling around to see what's inside. 

We understand that you'd want to potentially give your jewelry a little more TLC (tender loving care) which is why the material of the pouches is best suited against scratches and oxidation. The pouch is smooth (in texture), so it will not leave any surface-level marks. It is also a great way to prevent your jewelry from oxidising

Our vision.

A young business with big dreams, we aim to be fully circular with:


Our packaging can improve - which is why we're already coming up with new sustainable solutions.

In the future, we'd like to not only provide biodegradable packaging, but compostable pouches that you can feed to your plants too! We love a multi-purpose moment.

Recycled Metals

We'd like to be fully circular by using 100% recycled gold and silver.


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